How is MMSM Performed?

A massage therapist that is trained in the MMSM technique will asses a client's posture and body at all angles(front, back, and sides) to identify areas of misalignment, which may be triggering the pain or discomfort.  The therapist will then devise a customized treatment plan for the client, with focus on specific areas of the body that can be improved by applying pressure through fascial release and point along the meridian system.  

How long is a MMSM session?

MMSM massages can be conducted in 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions, depending on the individual client's needs.  For those who require therapy in seperate areas of the body, a longer session is recomended.  

Who can benefit from MMSM?

Those who are experiencing pain or discomfort in concentrated area of their body can benefit from MMSM.  The technique is also successfully applied when clients present with chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, or  who are in need of pain management and support following a surgical procedure or injury, when scar tissue often forms and expands.  

What outcomes can be expected?

MMSM can assist in decreasing pain, improving range of motion and lead to better circulation and blood flow.  It can also be helpful for general stress reduction